14 December, 2014

The Sims Freeplay for iOS #3 : The Great Xmas Mishap

This is the quest list for Christmas 2014, if you complete the quest within 12 days you get a living teddy bear!

Paneh je dah la semua soalan lama lama jangka masanya. Sabo jela.

Day 1- complete to receive an inflatable sleigh

    • Splash face in a sink- 3 seconds
    • Ask a sim if they are okay- 10 seconds (click on another sim and select the option)
    • Bake some cookies on a stove- 1 minute
    • Read ‘recipe’ book- 5 seconds (from bookshelf)
    • Carefully discuss ways to avoid accidents- 30 minutes (click on another sim and select the option)
    • Read ‘accident prone’ from a bookshelf- 36 minutes
    • Call a sim to the park
    • Meditate at the park fountain- 45 minutes (click on fountain)
    • Sit quietly on a park bench- 27 minutes
    • Rest with thinking man- 3 hours 10 minutes (click on thinking man statue)
    • Share good news on a phone – 5 seconds
    • Talk to Santa- 5 minutes (he arrives at the house your sim used the phone at)

Lepas tu dia suh tunggu untuk next question. I dont get it why... Hahahahah! Tunggu jela =_=

Esok aku update lagi. Now dah 9.32pm means aku akan update post ni dalam masa 11 jam 30 minit dari sekarang. Yey

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