24 June, 2015

Shopback Offers Great Deals for Gadget Junkies

Me and my sister we have lots in common with one prominence gap where she is a fashion moghul and I am a tech savvy. Since small, I always attracted more to gadgets than pretty things not like other girls. Well, you can call me nerdy but technology has been helping us a lot in term of time consuming, improving systems, communication, transportation and many more. And from my personal opinion, the greatest technology among all is telephone or mobile phone! People used to send messages via smokes and pigeons then followed by letter and telegram. But look at us now, within few seconds we could send a text to someone who probably in different continent. 

Wait, I’m not gonna talk further about the tech history otherwise you’ll might get boring. But, I just wanna share with you guys about this one website which is offering great discounts and even cashback! Want to know more?
I’m pretty sure all of you are familiar with Lazada and Apple store. And if you are gadget junkies like me, you definitely know that those online stores are the best destination to get your gadgets with the best prices. But to add more excitement, you got to try to visit Shopback Malaysia (https://www.shopback.my/) now!

As I mentioned earlier, Shopback featured a list of online portals including Lazada (click here to view more Lazada promotions) and Apple store. Not only that, this is the place where you can buy your gadgets with money returns or in other word – cashback. 

What you have to do is do your online purchase in any online stores via Shopback Malaysia and you’ll get cashback credited to your account within 1-3 working days. Not only that, you’ll also rewarded with great discounts and coupons 

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